Practice Management System

An online portal for managing counselling services


  • Researcher
  • Designer

Problem Overview

This project was made for and was in collaboration with The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). With an influx of students seeking help from on campus counselors, the paper-based method being used at the time to manage appointments and student information was proving to be cumbersome. Working with the counseling services at LUMS, we designed a solution that digitized the whole process.

Initial Research

We conducted both secondary research and primary research to kick off the project. Our secondary research was branched into 2 focuses 1) a market analysis of current practice management systems 2) current practices for clinical processes. 

Our primary research consisted of both user interviews and a focus group. We conducted 2 user interviews, one with the head of the counseling department at LUMS and the second with the office administrator of the department. The focus group was conducted with the counselors to understand common practices and unique patterns where counselors took the liberty to do things based on their own experiences. The purpose of the focus group was to bounce their experiences off each other.

System Requirement Specifications

The results of our research phase was a system requirements specification document which was shared with the head of department. After their initial feedback, changes were made and the final document was shared with the software development team with which we discussed the feasibility of the system. A summary of the final document is as follows.


The system has 3 different types of users with a 3 level hierarchy. Each type of user will have its own interface.

  • Supervisor
  • Practitioner
  • Patient (student)

The system features are divided into 6 modules. Each module was designed with its own set of rules.

  • Appointment Management
  • Patient Management
  • Resource Management
  • Petition Management
  • Session Management
  • Report Management

Low Fidelity Wireframes

We developed low-fidelity wireframes to create a basic outline of the web pages.

Final Design

For the final system, we chose a very simplistic layout and design. The first thing the user will see when opening the software is a login/registration page. The main features of the practice management system consist of managing appointments via a calendar; managing counselling sessions which include taking notes and viewing session history; managing forms to be filled by both the counsellor and patient; managing patients, and a messaging system which allows easy communication between the counsellors and their patients.