Easy Dine

A digital platform that assists dine-in customers to communicate with restaurant staff instantly and smoothly, offering a better overall dine-in experience.


  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • University of Washington


For over two years, the pandemic has brought limitations to social interactions such as dining at a restaurant. To better cater to a new norm, the restaurant community took further measures to reduce social interaction while providing food to customers. Food was left at doorsteps, and dining in was replaced by mobile applications and other online tools. The new form of communication between restaurants and customers was made, removing all forms of human-to-human communication.

While keeping in mind that the ongoing pandemic still threatens our health, people still need the social aspects of their lives back. Practicing essential communication and restaurant etiquette while maintaining minimal interaction has become a challenging equation to solve, resulting in negative experiences for the restaurant staff and dine-in customers.

Through this project, we discovered the issues and pain points customers face in the communication when dining in. Through our findings, we designed a solution that could be easily implemented to the current restaurant systems to assist in the communication between the restaurant staff and dine-in customers, resulting in better service and enhanced overall experience.


How might we improve communication between the dining-in customers and the restaurant staff when customers need assistance?

Research Methods

Desk Research


User Interviews

Key Insights

When ordering food, around 41.2% of the participants from our survey chose to communicate directly to the staff
When asking for assistance, more than half of the participants (57.4%) preferred to ask for assistance through the device provided by the restaurant
Participants mentioned that being notified of the service status at a restaurant would allow dining in customers to be more patient, improving the customer experience.
The dining experience does not limit to the service the restaurant provides, rather the entire experience is what is critical, from entering the restaurant to exiting.

Design Questions